Mars Hills 2015


We had 9 riders start and 8 finished.


    1st   Sylvia Himmelstoss on Lady Lu

     2nd Elizabeth Bima  onTucker

     3rd Cheryl Hedley  (NM)  on Jag


    1st Camille Sochaski  on Springer

    2nd Angela Roberts on Grace

    3rd Stan Banasiak on Coda

Also competing and finishing at the novice level  were Dianne Borger on Prairie Winds Santana and Sylvie Schachtay on Scarlet  (  first ride with us).
Avery Delannoy on Dante started the Novice but did not finish.


Mileage for marking and demarking trails are:

Iris Oleksuk on SMAC  42 miles

Angela Roberts on Grace   25 miles

George Dorward on Dylan and Emil Kucera on Thunder 7.5 miles each.