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Mars Directions

Directions for Mars Hills campsite
Take Hwy 59 north of Winnipeg. Turn east on Rd 84N (2 miles BEFORE Hwy#317, just past the Devil's Creek bridge). Travel approximately 5 miles. The road turns sharply north at the gravel pits, then east again. Shortly after the curve to the east will be the turn north into Ride Camp. Signs will be posted.
Ride Camp is in a field that has been used for target shooting. When you arrive, be prepared to walk around your trailer and vehicle to pick up debris that may pose a risk to you or your horse. We will do our best to clean up the big items.
There is no water in Ride Camp. Bring whatever water is required for you and your horse to drink and keep cool. Overnight camping is permitted.
Let Carrie know your intended arrival time so we can be prepared.