Lavenham 2015

Lavenham Ride, Sept 26,2015

19 Riders rode the ride. Thanks so much for coming.   They are as follows:

Junior:  Ethan Garn and Jenna Evans

Training:  Ashley Fudge, Carla Melquist, Sylvia Himmelstoss, Ginette Paille’, Wendy Carnegie, Glenn Sinclair

Novice:  Iris Oleksuk, Angela Roberts, Camille Sochaski, Chelsea Ashton, Sylvie Shachtay, Shannon Lightfoot, Stan Banasiak, Brenda Tolpa, Diane Trundle, Linda Gillies, Darice Whyte

Several people did not finish due to going off trail.  A couple were overtime and will get mileage.

Junior:  1st went to Ethan Garn on Ginger  ….he got a bag of horse treats and a ribbon


1st   Diane Trundle (NM) on Tam..she got a bag of Tribute donated by Wild West

 2nd   Angela Roberts on Grace.. she got a gift certificate from Leads and Reins

 3rd    Chelsea Ashton (NM) on KS Uneek… she received a gift certificate

 4th     Iris Oleksuk on Heritage Afire


1st  Wendy Carnegie on Bolt

 2nd    Glenn Sinclair(NM) on Shaunessy’s Autumn Harvest…gift certificate 

 3rd Ginette Paille’ on Captain Cruise

Mileage for training of 15 miles went to Sylvia Himmelstoss on Lady Lou, Carla Melquist on Connor and Ashley Fudge on Independent Mover

Mileage for marking and demarking:

Wendy Carnegie on Autumn 20 miles….  Iris Oleksuk on Heritage Afire…10 miles