June 2017




Meeting called to order:  6:28 pm

Attendance: Iris Oleksuk, Linda Cruden, Mary Anne Kirk, Hailie Emms, Angela Roberts and Janine Thomson.

Minutes from May 11, 2017 meetingMinutes waved.  Accepted Iris Oleksuk and Mary Anne Kirk

Treasurer’s ReportChequing $4242.06  GIC  $2156.49

Membership – 27 Single 2 Family Total 31 Members

Business arising from the Previous Minutes:

  • Score card, Bylaws and Rules – Tammy Storie has provided the club with 250 Blank Waivers and 125 Score cards.  The new rule book and bylaws are completed and several booklets have been printed and also a copy is on the MTRC website.
  • Ride Review – The Birds Hill Park ride was well attended and also the trails were well marked.  It was a great day despite that we had 5 rider falls and several DNF’s. 
  • New Business:
  • President – Due to some unforeseen circumstances Tammy Storie can longer fulfill the position of president and will be stepping down and assuming the role of Vice-President.  Linda Cruden has graciously accepted the role of president.  The chequing account signing authority will remain with Iris Oleksuk and Mary Anne Kirk at this time until the AGM when a new president may be elected.  Iris Oleksuk has also graciously accepted that role.
  • Upcoming Bel Air Ride – Bel Air is good to go with volunteers, enough score cards and waivers.  Hailie Emms has noted that Cara Rutherford will be the attending veterinarian for Bel Air.  Hailie is also going to provide a recipe for fly control and will be posting on the website as well as her poster.
  • Sprucewood’s Ride – The location has been changed to the Canoe Camp with the same date.  Angela Roberts will also be visiting the location to confirm.  Central Vet has agreed to be attending veterinarian for this ride although no specific vet has been named.
  • Souris ride – The Souris ride location has been changed to Sandilands, same date.  Glenn Sinclair has agreed to be the attending veterinarian for this ride.
  • Supplies needed:   Iris Oleksuk has the ride boxes and agreed to go thru the placing ribbons to determine if any need to be ordered.  Linda Cruden has agreed to contact Tammy Storie to confirm if she ordered new ribbons and also if required she will order new ones once Iris Oleksuk has confirmed.  Iris Oleksuk has also noted that there was a problem with scoring/ride results and where they should be recorded and kept.  Iris Oleksuk has graciously agreed to keep track of the ride results for 2017 as she has a copy of the spreadsheet and is happy to keep doing it for this season.   So all ride managers must supply Iris Oleksuk as well as Emil Kucera with the ride results.  Further, this will be a position that will be assigned to one individual each season as agreed upon at the yearly AGMs.  All ride results and paperwork will be put in large envelopes and kept with assigned keeper of the results.
  • Side Note – EIA has been discussed and it was agreed that it is up to the owner’s/rider’s discretion to take preventative measures for bug protection as required.
  • Bills:   Tammy Storie $240.97 for reprints of score cards and waivers. 

Next meeting:  Wednesday August 2, 2017 Smitty’s Restaurant, Selkirk Manitoba

Meeting adjourned:  7:35