June 2016

Manitoba Trail Riding Club

Meeting Minutes
May 18, 2016

Location:  Natalie Nordin’s Residence, Winnipeg, MB

Meeting called to order at 6:55 p.m.

Attendance:  Iris Oleksuk, Angela Roberts, Mary Anne Kirk, Emil Kucera, Hailie Emms, Carla Melquist, and Natalie Nordin.

Additions to the agenda: Promotional Swag.

Minutes from May 18 meeting were adopted as read by Angela, seconded by Hailie, carried.

Treasurer’s Report:  $2,145.76 GIC, $2,194.18 Chequing.

Membership: 24 single, 1 family = 26 total

Motion to accept, Natalie and Hailie, carried.

Old Business





Used in Pembina Valley.  Rules Committee needs to set up a meeting to revise.

Rules Comm.


Mary Anne has found an auditor.  To be completed after tax season.  Tabled.

Mary Anne

Sandilands Ride Refunds

This has been resolved.


Mary Anne

Rule Book

A rule book has been printed for Pembina Valley.  Electronic copy of Rule Book and Score card to be sent to Webmaster.


Canopy Logo

Hailie has found a company to screen print.  $50 for 18” logo, $50 for MTRC on panels.  She is still looking around for other quotes.  August 27 deadline.


Pembina Valley Ride Debrief

$145 for vet, $150 to Chelsea for marking trails.  Nine riders attended.  Only problem with this ride being run with DRM was bunching up at the vet.  The vet couldn’t keep up with all, needed to use handheld HR monitors at mid-point vet check.  Chelsea is canvassing for feedback and will likely run another ride in PV next year.


Fundraiser Idea

Hailie and Angela to look into Paint Nite fundraiser.  Tabled.




Iris contacted Carolyn Lintott – going through list, will contact us when bingo is available. *** UPDATE*** Bingo on 6 Jul, 3 volunteer names required:  Camille Sochaski, Hailie Emms, and Angela Roberts have volunteered.




New Business

Competitor Ride times

At Pembina Valley we had riders leaving late and start times were shifted back for all of the groups.  If riders decide to leave after their assigned start time, the used time should be included in their overall optimum ride time and not be shifted to accommodate the overdue rider.  However, this affects everyone’s timings.  If a rider cannot leave on time and it takes more than three minutes (after the assigned time) to get to the start gate, they will be moved to the last time slot for departure so as not to disrupt others’ start times.

Hailie made a motion to purchase another white board to write names and times to keep track, seconded by Natalie.  Iris will purchase a white board.


BHP ride volunteers

Emil will demark a loop.  Carol, Natalie, Mary Anne will be there as volunteers.

Iris will let Darice know that Emil will demark a loop.

Note:  BHP fees may be increasing.


MEC 2016

MTRC is interested in participating.  16-18 Sep, need vet, water, staging area (Hunter Ring) and stalls.  Iris will respond to MHC requests.


Write up request from Laura Clark

Laura Clark has offered free promotion for Amateur Sports News and Young Fitness Inc. Iris will complete a write up and Darice has provided pictures. 


Promotional Swag

Angela received a parcel in the mail from 4imprint with a few promo items and a catalog of items that can be printed with our logo.  Iris and Angela to take a look and find items for year-end and promo items for the Endurance Championships being held at Spruce Woods in August.



Sandilands Ride

Possibly try to move the cancelled Sandilands Ride to October.  Iris will discuss ride date/time with Janine to find out if they would like to manage and then we will poll membership to determine participation.


BHP search for alternate staging areas

We would like to approach the Park to see if there are any other options for staging areas.  We do not require amenities and we can reduce the amount of traffic around the equestrian centre.  Not to mention, we will be less likely to upset the dressage and polo groups.  Hailie will contact the Park to discuss options that are a little more remote.  Iris, Angela and Hailie will be in the Park this week and will take a look to see if there are some options.



Permit for BHP

$26.25 to Mary Anne for the permit.


Mary Anne

Next meeting:  September 1 at Iris Oleksuk’s residence, 63 Ridge Road, Rockwood, MB at 6:00 p.m.  This meeting is a potluck.

Motion to adjourn made by Angela, seconded by Natalie, carried.

Meeting adjourned: 8:24 p.m.