Jan 2016

Manitoba Trail Riding Club 

Meeting Minutes 

 January 23, 2015

Location: Iris Oleksuk’s Residence, Stonewall, MB 

Meeting called to order at 10:16 a.m. 

Attendance: Iris Oleksuk, Angela Roberts, Hailie Emms, Natalie Nordin, Carla Melquist, Janine Thomson, Kelli Hayhurst, Emil Kucera, Jen Simons, Camille Sochaski, and Mary Anne Kirk. 

Additions were made to the agenda; Website and Board Members’ flash drive update, MHC Membership, and Welcome Package added.  Approved by all, carried.

Minutes from October 6, 2015 meeting adopted as read by Kelli, seconded by Jen, carried.

Treasurer’s Report: $2,145.76 GIC, $4105.17 Chequing.

Membership: 10 single, 1 family = 12 total

Kelli made a motion to bring in an auditor to review the accounts as per the by-laws.  The auditor must be a paid professional, who is not a member of MTRC. Mary Anne and Iris to provide quotes to have a professional accountant/bookkeeper perform the audit. 

The by-laws will be reviewed at the next Rules Committee Meeting and proposed changes will be discussed at the next AGM.

Motion to accept, Kelli and Janine, carried. 

Old Business






Score Card Revision

The scorecard was reviewed at the most recent Rules Committee meeting.  Ongoing revisions will be ready and corresponding to new rule book for 2016 ride season.

Rules Comm.

Website and Board Member Flash drive Update

All Board Member flash drives have been updated with the archive information. The stats for website usage have not really changed, spamming has stopped and local (Canadian) usage is highest.  Updated score card and link to the new Rule Book will be sent to be posted on the website as soon as complete.  Kelli will email Iris a table template for posting results.  Host and Domain Name have been renewed for this year.


Rules Comm.


Bingo Update

Money has been received.  Cheque was picked up and processed by Mary Anne.  No new bingos at this time.


Waiver Forms

This will be reviewed by the Rules Committee and will be submitted for use in the upcoming ride season.  This will be completed before the new ride season.

Rules Comm.

Rule Book

Score sheet has been reviewed.  Rule Book is in the process of being reviewed and simplified.

Rules Comm.


Kelli will purchase canopy with sides.  Ongoing.



Successful.  Raised $1,297.93 to pay fees for upcoming season.

New ideas were submitted for this year.  An All-Breeds calendar for sale $15/each or possibly separating the AGM from the fundraiser Bud, Spud; holding AGM in Nov and moving Bud, Spud to Jan/Feb.


Picture Album

Carla has created a photo album and will maintain it again this year.


Ride Sandwich Board update

Natalie has taken the sandwich board to be repaired and repainted.  It will be completed before the first ride.


Thank you cards

Angela was waiting for a quote for Vista Print.  Will look into quotes for new cards next year.  She will purchase locally and get the remainder of the cards out.


Article for submission to local newspapers

Linda Gillies has agreed to do an article with pictures to submit to local newspapers; however, they want to charge for the submission.  Stephanie Duncan is the contact at the Tribune.  Carla will check for a reference for the Argus.



Ride Manager’s Book

Iris is still working on it.


Horse Expo

We do not have a table for the Expo on 13 Feb.


Recreation Grant

Iris has contacted Blake Metcalfe reference costs of building a toilet in Souris and/or Mars Hills.  The deadline is 29 January and group discussion changed to looking into a pump for the shallow well in Belair, as there is no available water source right now in Belair.  Iris will contact Blake Metcalfe to discuss well usage and possibility of installing a permanent pump.


New Business

Volunteer Appreciation Evening

This will once again be held at Iris’ residence on 9 April 2016.


Council of Clubs

Iris attended this meeting and met up with the woman who received our donation to the Horse Connection (now known as Urban Stables) and she also spoke with the Dressage coordinator and got the dates for dressage events at BH.


Vets for the new ride season

Ride managers need to get vets for their upcoming rides.  The Belair ride will be on 10 September.  If any dates are changing it will be MEC.  Right now scheduled for the weekend of 24/25 September.

Ride Managers


Kelli will update pamphlets with new ride dates.


Welcome Package

Jen has created a welcome package for new members.  Once rules are set the score card will be added to the package.  Welcome Package will be sent to the website and a few copies will be created in print to keep at the ride sites.





Domain Name and Website fees

Emil submitted bill for $164.84.

Mary Anne


Kelli made a motion to pay the bills, seconded by Janine.

Next meeting:  The next meeting will be at Kelli Hayhurst’s residence, 27 Feb 2016 at 10:00 a.m. , 64 Laden Crescent, south off Zora Rd., 3/4mile west of Hwy 206, RM of Springfield.

Motion to adjourn made by Angela, seconded by Carla, carried.

Meeting adjourned: 11:35 a.m.