Feb 2016

Manitoba Trail Riding Club 

Meeting Minutes 

  February 27, 2016

Location: Kelli Hayhurst’s Residence, Oakbank, MB 

Meeting called to order at 10:10 a.m. 

Attendance: Iris Oleksuk, Angela Roberts, Hailie Emms, Natalie Nordin, Janine Thomson, Kelli Hayhurst, Emil Kucera, Jen Simons, Darice Whyte, Tanya Elrick, and Mary Anne Kirk. 

Addition was made to the agenda; Horse Expo 2016 added.  Approved by all, carried.

Minutes from January 23, 2016 meeting adopted as read by Darice, seconded by Jen, carried.

Treasurer’s Report: $2,145.76 GIC, $4165.33 Chequing.

Membership: 12 single, 1 family = 14 total

Motion to accept, Kelli and Hailie, carried. 

Old Business






300 Mile pin for Emil

Iris will bring to the next meeting.


Score Card Revision

The scorecard is almost complete.  Reviewed by those who attended the meeting.  Angela will get a quote to print 125 when completed.  Jen to send to Angela for printing.
Need to add to rule book and score card:  Hoof boots designed for long distance are approved but must be removed for vetting.  Scoring will be treated as tack.



Waiver Forms

This will be reviewed by the Rules Committee and will be submitted for use in the upcoming ride season.  This will be completed before the new ride season.  Tabled.

Rules Comm.

Rule Book

Being reviewed.  Once scorecard and appendix are complete Angela will get quotes on print job.

Rules Comm.


Kelli will purchase canopy with sides.  Will be purchased prior to the first ride.  Ongoing.



Ride Sandwich Board update

Natalie has taken the sandwich board to be repaired and repainted.  It will be completed before the first ride.


Thank you cards



Article for submission to local newspapers




Ride Manager’s Book

Iris is still working on it.  Once complete Angela will get quotes for print job.


Volunteer Appreciation Evening

Will be held at Iris’ on 9 April, 2016.  Ride managers are to supply a volunteer list for the next meeting for invitations.

2015 Ride mgrs

Vets for the new ride season

Kelli will contact Central Vet Services for Sandilands, Darice has Neil V booked for BHP, Hailie will contact closer to ride date.

Ride Managers


Pamphlets have been updated.  AGM will be on 5 Nov 2016 at Smitty’s in Selkirk.  Annual fundraiser date TBD at a later date.

Angela will get 250-300 colour copies for distribution.



Audit for Club books

Tanya Elrick attended and knows of two auditors.  She will get in contact with them and let us know if they are available.


New Business


Iris will be purchasing the award ribbons for Top 5 in each division.  Juniors will receive rosettes as well.


Completion Ideas



MHC and MEC Dates

MEC will be 17/18 Sep 2016.  MHC has requested the MTRC provide a rep for the MEC Committee.  An email will be coming out soon with the details.  Tabled.


Endurance Championship in August

Canadian Endurance Championship to be held in Sprucewoods 27/28 August is looking for volunteers.  For those who wish to volunteer, contact Maura Leahy.  Meetings are held every second Tuesday.  Next meeting is 8 March.


Horse Expo

Next year the event will be two days vice one.  With the cost of tables, it may not be advantageous for MTRC to participate. 


Discussion of having a “club/tack/trainer” and horse other related vendors event was had. Tabled.





Thank you cards

Angela submitted a bill for $11.29

Mary Anne


BFC Directors Ins

Mary Anne submitted a bill for $394.20.

Mary Anne


Kelli made a motion to pay the bills, seconded by Hailie.

Next meeting:  The next meeting will be at Smitty’s in Selkirk (conference room), 22 Mar 2016 at 6:00 p.m.

Motion to adjourn made by Angela, seconded by Natalie, carried.

Meeting adjourned: 11:35 a.m.