Birds Hill 2015


On August 16, 2015we had 12 riders in total.

We had one junior rider who rode the 15 so congratulations to Jenna Evans on Nafatary (NM) for her first completion with MTRC!


For the 25 mile novice:

     1st   Angela Roberts on Grace

      2nd  Iris Oleksuk on Heritage Afire        

For the 15 mile training ride

     1st   Ashley Fudge on A Mia Mo 

     2nd  Elizabeth Bima on Tucker

Mileage only went to

    Shannon Lightfoot on Mr Blue Skye  (NM),

    Zoe Falk on Eowyn,

    Sheri Parkinson on Private

The following started but did not finish due to being off course. 

     Carla Melquist on Connor,

     Hailie Emms on Maximus,

     Sylvia  Himmelstoss on Lady Lou   

Natalie Nordin on Jemma came up lame