AGM 2015

AGM Minutes

November 7, 2015

Location:  Smitty’s Restaurant, Selkirk, MB

Meeting called to order at 9:30 a.m.

Attendance:  Iris Oleksuk, Angela Roberts, Mary Anne Kirk, Jen Simons, Camille Sochaski, Hailie Emms, Linda Gillies, Linda Cruden, Kelli Hayhurst, Natalie Nordin, and Carla Melquist .

Addition was made to the agenda; Honorary Membership for Glenn Sinclair was added by Kelli Hayhurst.  Approved, carried.

Minutes from the last meeting: motion to accept minutes of last meeting by Kelli Hayhurst and Jen Simons, carried.


Treasurer’s Report: 

$2,145.76 GIC, $2,474.39 Chequing.

Membership: 28 single, 5 family = 38 total

MTRC Income Statement for 2015:

Motion to accept, Angela Roberts, seconded by Linda Cruden, carried.

Secretary’s Report:

Angela Roberts felt that it was an excellent year with more rides, more riders and better volunteer participation than previous years. 

Some of the positives were:

  • New ride format allowed for unpredictable weather and fur coats at the beginning of the season
  • New trails and a revisit to some old favourites
  • Facebook made MTRC a bit more visible, new members
  • Horse Expo cultivated some interest, new members
  • More people out de-marking trails
  • Some areas for improvement were:
  • Pre-registration use by riders
  • Consistent trail marking
  • Flexibility in the face of marking imperfections
  • More committed Ride Managers and trail markers

Thank you to all of the volunteers and ride managers that made this year successful.  Without you, we wouldn’t be here.  For those of you who wish to manage a ride in the upcoming season, thank you in advance; you are a rare and very valuable treasure

Thanks to everyone that de-marked a trail or even a section of trail this year.  Every little bit counts!  A big thank you to those that marked or helped mark trails this year.  It is a time-consuming and sometimes difficult job and we truly appreciate the time you spend away from your everyday busy life to provide us with awesome trails.  The selfless donation of your time is truly appreciated.

President’s Report:

Iris Oleksuk noted many positive things this year, such as:

  • Cooperative weather!  No trail marking or riding in nasty weather
  • 12% increase in membership over the last year
  • New volunteers.  Consistent timer, Carol Gibson, and new scribes
  • More rides than we’ve had in a long time
  • Five different vets, seemed easier to get them out this year
  • New ride in Lavenham and a ride in Mars Sandhills
  • Lots of teamwork from the membership
  • Meetings were attended by more than just Board Members
  • Volunteer night was well received
  • Darice took a lot of great pictures.  Some were used by Carla and Darice to make a beautiful photo album

There are also some ongoing challenges and things that we can strive to do better next year.

  • Set ride dates and not change them
  • Make sure that the rules are followed
  • More ride managers are needed
  • Make sure that the ring at BHP is booked properly
  • Pre-registration was not being used
  • Ride injuries in Souris were scary
  • Inconsistent flagging
  • No more meetings at Boston Pizza
  • Too many rides, some too close together

Iris is looking forward to more riders next year; not managing so many rides; and, having a healthy horse with no saddle fit issues.  We will have a new rule book and score card with consistent rules spelling out penalties which will make managing a ride much easier next year.

 Thank you to all the Board Members, volunteers, and riders.  And thank you to Kelli Hayhurst for everything she does for MTRC that no one realizes.

Board Member-at-Large’s Report

  • Nil comment

Vice President’s Report

  • Nil comment

Bingo Representative

Old Business




Trail Marking Scheme review

Ribbons are always on the right; alternate methods are used when there is nothing to mark on the right side (stakes, ground paint, etc).  Not all ride managers mark the same, riders need to be flexible.

Need more permanent signage, foam or paper plates do not hold up well to the elements.  We have used plastic lids with permanent marker.   We could laminate signs for the mile trot in, 2/5 and 10 mile markers.  Tabled for further discussion.


Ride pre-registration and e-transfers

Pre-registration has fallen on the wayside this year and we did not adhere to the decision to cancel rides if the required numbers were not pre-registered.  Kelli made a motion to increase ride fees for those who do not pre-register at least ONE WEEK in advance by $10. Jen Simons seconded.

We need to strictly enforce the decision to cancel a ride if we do not have the required number of entries, with payment, one week prior to the event.

Kelli has updated the upcoming pamphlets to reflect this.

There was also discussion about pre-registering for the year.  This has been tabled for further discussion.



Kelli Hayhurst

Website and Facebook discussion

The webmaster was unavailable.

Facebook administrators review joining requests before admitting new members.  There have been very few negative comments posted and Kelli has only deleted a few.  The DRM post was deleted as it was causing confusion for MTRC members.


Spreadsheets and Ride Pamphlets

Kelli Hayhurst has done these in the past and will continue to maintain these this year.  Mileage has been submitted and tabulated for the year.  Mileage awards will be presented at the fundraiser this evening.

Kelli Hayhurst

Mileage for marking/demarking trail ON HORSEBACK

Anyone who marks/demarks a trail on horseback will get the mileage for the loop(s).  When marking, the rider may claim only the mileage of the loop(s) being marked, not the extras (10/15 etc.).  Kelli has requested that results and mileage be sent in a table format for easier uploading.  She will send Iris a template.

Kelli Hayhurst

Thank you cards

The Secretary will send out Thank you cards to the vets and prize donors.

New thank you cards to be purchased.  Linda Cruden will investigate Vista Print for costs.

Angela Roberts


Linda Cruden

Club Marketing

Linda Gillies will perform this function again this year.

Linda Gillies


Currently, Iris Oleksuk, Hailie Emms, and Jen Simons are sitting for another term in 2016.  Two positions are expiring today from Mary Anne Kirk, and Angela Roberts.

Kelli Hayhurst has nominated Mary Anne Kirk, second by Jen Simons.

Kelli Hayhurst has nominated Angela Roberts, second by Linda Cruden.

Linda Cruden moved to cease nominations, second by Angela Roberts, carried.

Mary Anne Kirk and Angela Roberts have agreed to let their names stand. 

Mary Anne Kirk accepted to continue as Treasurer.  Angela Roberts accepted to continue as Secretary.

By acclamation Iris Oleksuk is President, Jen Simons is Vice-President, Mary Anne Kirk is Treasurer, Angela Roberts is Secretary, and Hailie Emms is Board Member at Large.

New Business




Ride Format

No changes to the ride format for this year.


Ride Fees

Kelli proposes adding $10 discount for pre-registration, approval unanimous.  No other changes to the fees.



Two Day Ride

Angela Roberts has proposed running a two-day ride in August/September 2017.  Tabled.


Canadian Championship and other rides alongside DRM

Maura Leahy has asked if MTRC would like to hold a CTR championship alongside DRM Endurance Championship 28/29 August 2016.  Discussion as follows:  Not enough time to prepare for an event of this size and we would need a larger pool of riders to cover expenses.  Members are welcome to ride or volunteer to offer support but we do not have the necessary resources to make this achievable this soon.

DRM asked if we would like to hold a CTR at the same time in BHP (end April) and at Pembina Valley (end May).  As holding concurrent rides detracts from both clubs, it has been agreed that we would not run rides together.  However, as Pembina Valley is a new venue and will incur no extra costs, it has been decided that we will run a ride on the Saturday at pro-rated cost.


Ride Schedule

14 May – Sandilands, Kelli Hayhurst and Janine Thomson

28 May – Pembina Valley, Iris Oleksuk

Jun (TBD) – BHP, Darice Whyte

Sep (TBD) – Bel Air, Hailie Emms

Sep (TBD) – MEC East vs. West Games, Linda Cruden (no trail marking)

Linda Cruden and Kelli Hayhurst will address the difficulties presented by MHC with regard to booking facilities for our rides.



MTRC specific Rule Book

There will be a new rule book for 2016.  It has been drafted from the Caldra rules that we have been using to date.  A rules committee will meet at Kelli Hayhurst’s residence (64 Layden Cres) on 16 Jan, 2016 @ 9:00 a.m. Committee members are: Kelli Hayhurst, Jen Simons, Iris Oleksuk, Angela Roberts and possibly Camille Sochaski.

Kelli Hayhurst

Jen Simons

Iris Oleksuk

Angela Roberts

Camille Sochaski

Ride Managers’ Duties

Iris to send Ride Manager package to Hailie Emms, Kelli Hayhurst, and Linda Cruden.

Iris Oleksuk

Score card

Jen Simons has the working copy.  Need to add quadrants to gut sounds and an area for other penalties.  This discussion is tabled until the Rules Committee meeting in January.


Horse Expo 13 Feb 16

$50/table, Iris has tentatively booked.  Had a good turn out in the spring, Linda Gillies feels that it would be good for us to participate.  There will be a call out for volunteers.  For those that wish to participate please forward your name and available timings to the Board.


Results and Write up

We need to do a write up listing our awards for the ride season.  Post on website, local papers, Facebook.  Linda Gillies will do a write up and get photos of winners from Darice.

Linda Gillies

Awards Presentation

Awards to be presented at the fundraiser.

 Iris will present: pins, crests, and Novice Division awards. 

The following are to be awarded but winners are unable to attend the event:

Rookie of the Year and Training Division Champion, Sylvia Himmelstoss

Open Division Champion, Myna Cryderman

Junior Division Champion, Ethen Garn

Angela will present Volunteer of the Year award.



Iris Oleksuk



Angela Roberts

Recreation Grant

MHC has invited us to apply for a recreation grant that can be used for trail upgrade/construction, campsite improvements, etc.  Deadline is 29 Jan 2016.  The form and guidelines are on the MHC website.

Discussion included getting a toilet for the South Camp at the Souris Bend camp, and at Mars Sandhills.  Iris will get a cost estimate and contact Myna for local contractors.


Donation to MTRC

A $200.00 donation was made to MTRC by RS Distibution, Rene Syrett.  He is looking to ride with us next year and perhaps his daughter as well.  This money could be put towards the canopy for next ride season.  Angela Roberts will do up a thank you card. 


Bingo Rep

Kelli Hayhurst, as last year’s Bingo Chairperson, would like to thank the people who attended the bingos this year.  She appreciated not having to attend them and will stand as the Bingo Chair for next year.



Iris Oleksuk has agreed to be the MHC Rep again this year. 


Honorary Membership for Glenn Sinclair

Unanimous approval.







  • GoPro Camera
  • Awards
  • Total of $ 662.30

Mary Anne Kirk

Iris Oleksuk

Printing Score Cards

  • $6.22 for print outs for last two rides of the year.

Mary Anne Kirk

Iris Oleksuk

Angela Roberts made a motion to pay the bills, second by Natalie Nordin.

Next meeting:  23 January 2016 at Iris Oleksuk’s residence, Stonewall, 10:00 a.m. 

Angela Roberts moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Linda Gillies.  Meeting adjourned:  11:50 p.m.