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Sell or trade anything remotely horsey!

Clean up that tack room of what you don’t need, and start looking for what you want before next season gets going!

 E-mail us your ad - and make sure to also let Emil know when to take the item OFF the list, otherwise your lot is taken off after ~60 days.  Last updated 19 April, 2018

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Looking to buy or sell hay or straw? The provincial dept. of Agriculture website provides an easy, accessible link between forage buyers and sellers at www.gov.mb.ca/agriculture/production  under Gateways.  It allows buyers to search for hay under the categories of bale type, hay type and location. Price is also part of the listings. An interactive map helps in locating producers in each area.

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For Sale 

  • McClellan cavalry saddle,  replica of model 1904 ;c/w brass stirrups & extra cinch $300
     in excellent condition
    Contact kucera@kucera.ca